10 Best Sedation Dentists in Texas

Dental Fear? Rest Through Your Next Dental Visit With Texas Sedation Dentistry! Best Dentist Guide evaluated 188 Sedation Dentists that offer sleep dentistry around Texas & Picked the Top 10. Our top providers include dentists that service Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, El Paso, Arlington, Corpus Christi, Plano, and Laredo. Sedation Dentistry is…

What to Expect After Getting Your Dental Implants

When you’re missing one or more of your natural teeth and looking for a replacement, dental implants may be an option for you. Dental implants are considered the most secure choice when replacing missing teeth, and, when taken care of properly, will never need to be replaced. You can enjoy all your favorite foods and enjoy a natural-looking…




Dental Anxiety and Our Office

If you get nervous or feel uneasy before dental appointments, you’re not alone. Perhaps you are scared the visit may hurt or you are worried about what the dentist may find. Dental anxiety is a common mental health condition that affects 40 million Americans every year. Though it is normal to feel some degree of…

Ask The Experts: Dr. Barquero’s Reasons to Consider Bioactive Materials

In our final episode of Ask The Experts, Dr. Delfin Barquero shares why dentists should consider using bioactive materials in their practice. Watch the Video The post Ask The Experts: Dr. Barquero’s Reasons to Consider Bioactive Materials appeared first on PULPDENT.

Avoiding Staff Instability and High Employee Turnover

Studies have demonstrated that office culture and the relationships developed between staff play a major role in job satisfaction and employee stability. In an interview with Forbes, author of Hiring for Attitude, Mark Murphy, talked about his research that looked at 20,000 new hires and found that a majority of the 46% of failed hires…

Can I Play Instruments with Braces (3 ANSWERS)

Play instruments with braces. Young patients have many questions when beginning a course of orthodontic treatment. One of the most frequently asked questions is about playing musical instruments during the treatment period. Is it even possible? Are some instruments more difficult to play during treatment than others? Will playing a musical instrument cause any problems…

Dentist Dania Beach | Tips to Keep Your Mouth Healthy

There’s more to brushing and flossing to keep your mouth healthy. Sure, these two are the mainstays to optimal dental health but there are actually more ways to help preserve the health of your teeth and gums. If you want to learn about the best ways to keep your mouth disease-free see your dentist Dania…

Sedation Dentistry-A Peaceful Dental Experience

Not many people love going to the dentist, but for some it’s a nightmare. It is estimated that 9%-15% of Americans avoid necessary dental work because of fear and anxiety. This means millions of people aren’t receiving the dental care they need in order to sustain a healthy smile. Your oral health affects your overall…

A Short Guide to Implant Supported Dentures

You’re probably familiar with dental implants. And you most likely know what dentures are. What you may not know is that there is a type of denture that is supported by dental implants. Continue reading to learn more about implant-supported dentures. What are implant-supported dentures? When many of us think of dentures we imagine them…

Dexis Digital X Ray

Continuing the legacy of providing the best in intraoral digital imaging, DEXIS Titanium is everything you’ve come to expect from DEXIS innovation and more. With DEXIS Titanium’s extraordinary image quality, SMART features and durable materials, you gain the confidence, reliability, and assurance that give peace of mind. You can expect DEXIS Titanium to yield the…

Cosmetic Dentistry in Mexico: Top 5 Tips For a Perfect Smile Makeover

An actual dental tourism patient who just received a brand new smile from cosmetic dentistry in Mexico.Need a new job?  Looking for a partner? Want to have more confidence from a great smile?  You want to fix your teeth, but it is too expensive.  The solution? Head south for cosmetic dentistry in Mexico. Finding a…

Before & After Series: The Wonders of Cosmetic Dentistry

Before & After Series: The Wonders of Cosmetic Dentistry Here, Dr. Benjamin was able to provide her patient with a mock-up of what his smile could look like after some cosmetic treatment. What is cosmetic dentistry? Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the appearance of your mouth, your teeth & your smile. Commonly, cosmetic dentistry procedures…

Will Teeth Whitening Raise Your Social Stock?

Can white teeth increase your popularity? The first thing people will notice about you is your facial features. Chief amongst these is your smile. A great smile, it is said, is your most valuable physical asset. However, what constitutes a great smile? Proportions? Straightness of your teeth? The whiteness of your teeth? All these characteristics…

What is a Dry Socket?

What Is A Dry Socket? You may have heard of people having a painful “Dry Socket” after a tooth extraction. If you have not had one, you are probably wondering, what is a dry socket? It is really exactly what is sounds like. After you get a tooth removed , a blood clot forms where…

Jaw Surgery in the Bay Area is a Serious Business

Jaw surgery in the Bay Area is not a minor operation. It’s a big deal. Whether you need jaw surgery because it’s essential, or for cosmetic reasons, you need to make sure that you are in the hands of one of the best Bay Area jaw surgeons. You can do no better than book an…

Smiles by Glerum

Our recent adventures in Nassau and Havana-fun! What do we enjoy most? Making beautiful smiles! Call for yours: 561-374-8922. The post Smiles by Glerum appeared first on Smiles By Glerum.



Oral Hygiene and Good Health

Having good oral hygiene is the foundation to a healthy mouth and a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, practicing good oral hygiene habits can be difficult to manage without the proper guidance, which is why children are at risk for dental problems. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Children aged 5 to 19…



Clear Teeth Aligners Near Me

Where Can I Find Clear Teeth Aligners Near Me? At Getman Orthodontics, we specialize in Invisalign and Invisalign Teen clear teeth aligners in Germantown TN. As a leading Germantown orthodontist, Dr. Getman provides the highest quality orthodontic care at an affordable price that can accommodate any patient, no matter their budget. How Much Do Clear…

New Patient Special

At Dentistry of Colorado, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for our patients at our 7 convenient locations. Our dental offices are located in Arvada, Belmar, Boulder, Cherry Creek, Lafayette, Sloan’s Lake and Westminster. We are accepting new patients at all of our locations and currently have a New Patient Special. For only $59, you can get a…

smile 15

The post smile 15 appeared first on Elite Dentistry.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

According to Google, the question, "How much do dental implants cost?" is the most asked question about dental implants. The question is asked over 10,000 times a month on Google search! People searching for the answer to "How much do dental implants cost?" click over 5,464 times on articles like this one, trying to find…