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Having clean teeth is more than just about keeping your breath fresh. It can have a direct impact on your dental health and even on the appearance of your teeth. When it comes to comprehensive dental care and cleanings, there is no one better than our Bayside best dentists. Stuart Shaffren, DDS has been enhancing the smiles of our patients for over 35 years and he can provide you with the routine cleanings and additional care that you need to stave off decay and disease.

Brushing your teeth on a daily basis is important. In fact, you should brush between meals, floss and rinse with mouthwash daily, drink plenty of water, eat and healthy diet and avoid cavity-causing foods, as well as visit your dentist regularly. With routine exams and cleanings, our Bayside best dentist can monitor your dental health and provide you with comprehensive cleanings that further tackle plaque and bacteria buildup. Plaque is the main reason good oral hygiene is so important. Bacteria build up is what leads to cavities, bad breath and gum disease. All of this can change the appearance of your teeth and your smile over time. With biannual dental cleanings, Stuart Shaffren, DDS can keep plaque to a minimum and further limit your chances of developing a cavity or gum disease. But these issues can still develop, which is where treatment like periodontal cleanings come in. Periodontal cleanings are more intensive and can help those suffering from gum disease or gingivitis. Right now we are offering a referral special where you can get $75 off your next visit when you refer friends and co-workers, making your next dental cleaning more affordable than ever.

No matter what kind of dental cleaning you need, our Bayside best dentist is here to make sure that you get the comprehensive care you deserve. Visit Stuart Shaffren, DDS here at our state of the art offices on 61-01 224th Street in Bayside today.

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