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Dental Plaque in Fresh Meadows

Fresh Meadows Dentist
Fresh Meadows Dentist

If you’re looking for a Fresh Meadows dentist who knows what they’re doing, and who can combat dental plaque in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere, look no further than Bayside Dental Group. Dental plaque can be removed with a regular cleaning at our offices. We use special tools to scrape off the plaque and tartar that can buildup on teeth and cause tooth decay over time if it is not handled and taken care of.

Children and adults should come in for an appointment at least once every year. Our Fresh Meadows dentist office has three locations: one located in Bayside, New York and one in Brooklyn and Middle Village, New York. We’ve been serving the area for many years now. Our patients love coming to us because they know that they’re going to have their teeth taken care of and they’ll be in and out of our offices as quickly as possible. We take our time to treat each patient individually, and give them the care that they need and to discuss treatment plans that are right for them. We’ll go over each one of your treatment options before coming to an affordable treatment plan with you if needed. We believe all patients should have access to quality dental care.

We accept a wide range of dental insurances as well. Call our offices today to find out if we take your insurance, or if there is a dental plan that we can help you with. Some of our services include free dental consultations, digital X-rays, 1 hour teeth bleaching using our ZOOM whitening system, and same day emergency treatment for applicable patients. We also have a board certified orthodontist on staff who can discuss Invisalign and other kinds of braces for teens and adults with you and your family.

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