Good Oral Hygiene Isn’t Just for Teeth


In October, the Americans celebrated the National Dental Hygiene Month for reminding people how good it is to have a good oral health and practice good oral hygiene routine at home. This includes of brushing the teeth twice everyday with a soft bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste followed by flossing the teeth.

According to dentist in South Houston one of the most ignored aspects is that dental hygiene is important not just for our mouth but for dental appliance as well, those we wear in mouth. This includes removable dentures, clear aligners, might guards or mouth guards, and retainers. If you or any of your family members wears these appliances, it is important to take care of them and keep the clean.

Here’s a Look at Some Tips:


Just like your natural teeth, the oral appliance needs daily brushing but your toothpaste is not the right cleanser for these devices as they are abrasive. The toothpastes are meant for removing the plaque from teeth but not for the plastic oral appliances. It can create nicks on the appliance and give bacteria a place to hide causing odours and stains. You can use the denture paste or dish wash soap for cleaning the appliance. Buy a denture or nail brush for cleaning.


Once you have cleaned the appliance, you must rinse it thoroughly. However, avoid using hot water and never ever boil an appliance for sterilizing it. The device is custom made to fit your mouth and boiling can change its fit and leave it useless or harmful for your mouth. A distorted aligner will not move your teeth to correct position.


It’s important to keep your appliance in a safe place quite away from the reach of your pets and toddlers. When you are not cleaning or wearing them, they should be packed away in their case or soak them overnight in water or a cleaning solution, as suggested by the dentist.

It’s important to keep the dental appliances in hygienic condition so that you can benefit for a longer duration.