Observation Visits


My orthodontist recommended that I bring my child for observational visits. Is it necessary and why?

The reason for these complimentary visits is because timing is important in treatment decisions. These visits allow the orthodontist to monitor your child’s dental development as well as the growth of the jaws and face. Most often the orthodontist noticed and area of concern during your previous visit.

During these visits, the orthodontist can check if the permanent teeth are coming in the correct sequence and timing as well as if they are coming symmetrically. Often an x-ray is taken to see the position of the permanent teeth in the jaws and evaluate if sufficient space is available for them.

Returning for these observational visits allow the orthodontist to determine the best time to start treatment as well as the type of treatment indicated for your child.

If you choose an AAO orthodontist you can be assured that you have selected an specialist who possesses the skills and the training to give you the perfect smile and a healthy bite.