Oral Hygiene and Good Health


Having good oral hygiene is the foundation to a healthy mouth and a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, practicing good oral hygiene habits can be difficult to manage without the proper guidance, which is why children are at risk for dental problems. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Children aged 5 to 19 years from low-income families are twice as likely (25%) to have cavities, compared with children from higher-income households (11%)” (cdc.gov, 2012).

Adults, on the other hand, are at higher risk of dental problems based on age and the inevitability of decay. The CDC has reported that “Blacks and Mexican Americans aged 35–44 years experience untreated tooth decay nearly twice as much as white, non-Hispanics” and “47.2% of U.S. adults have some form of periodontal disease” (cdc.gov, 2016).

Fortunately, people who may suffer from tooth decay and periodontal diseases have a better chance of saving their smiles through good oral hygiene practices. At Mission Peak Dental Care in Fremont, we help all of our patients follow good oral hygiene habits.

If it has been past one year since your last dental checkup, it is time for you to schedule an appointment at Mission Peak Dental Care in Fremont. Call Mission Peak Dental Care in Fremont to schedule an appointment today.

Good oral hygiene is important and it requires daily attention. For example, good oral hygiene requires brushing teeth daily, flossing daily, and rinsing with mouthwash daily. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize the importance of these daily routines until their breath starts to stink. Well, bad breath is just the beginning of the health problems that can arise from poor oral hygiene.

The main reason good oral hygiene is important is to fight off bacteria in the mouth, which is the foundation to oral conditions such as gingivitis, plaque and tartar, and chronic bad breath. Oral bacteria can have several adverse effects on a person’s teeth and overall health.

The Connection Between Oral Hygiene and Personal Health

Most people are confused about how good oral hygiene can influence good health. Researchers have found a direct connection between good oral hygiene habits and positive health. Studies have suggested that poor oral hygiene and a build-up of bacteria may even contribute to cancer and strokes based on the continuous battle the immune system faces because of that built-up bacteria. When the immune system is constantly battling the bacteria in the mouth, blood pressure rises and other types of viruses become strong enough to invade the system.

Bacteria loves an environment that is warm and moist so it can grow, and the mouth is the ideal location for bacterial growth because it satisfies both conditions and it leads directly to the throat and stomach, which can lead to other conditions in the body. However, bacteria can be prevented from spreading to other parts of the body by simply brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash. This is exactly why practicing good oral hygiene is important for everyone.

If you have not received a dental checkup in over a year, it is time for you to schedule an appointment at Mission Peak Dental Care in Fremont. A teeth cleaning and oral check-up can help you prevent the build-up of bacteria in the mouth and improve your overall health. Call Mission Peak Dental Care in Fremont to schedule an appointment today.

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