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Does your mouth often feel dry? Does it feel that way in the morning? Does it last all day? It may not seem like a big deal, and many times it isn’t, but dry mouth is a condition that may be a sign of something serious. Things like certain health conditions, snoring, smoking, dehydration and sinus issues all have been linked to cause xerostomia, or dry mouth. But before you panic, here are some ways you can try to cure the symptoms on your own:

Stay hydrated. It is good to try and drink at least 8
glasses every day. Not only will it improve your dry mouth, but it will also
improve your skin and digestion.

Chew gum. Saliva production can be improved by simply
popping a piece of sugar-free gum in your mouth.

Just say no. Avoid smoking and/or drug use as they
can cause your mouth to dry out. If you take medications, consult your physician.
Certain meds can cause xerostomia.

Humidify your sleep. If you find that dry mouth
happens most while you sleep, try using a humidifier to moisturize the room. If
it doesn’t improve, you may need a sleep study to diagnose any sleep issues.

Diet changes. Both alcoholic and caffeinated
beverages have a tendency to dry out your mouth. Salty and spicy foods will
also enhance the issue. Indulging in these should be done in moderation so as
not to exacerbate any symptoms.

Keep brushing. Dry mouth gives bacteria more time to find a place to set up shop and cause a myriad of dental issues. Maintaining daily dental routines will help prevent that from happening.

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