How Laser Dentistry and Invisalign Relieved My Dental Discomfort (Video)


I started seeing Dr. Patel eight or ten years ago. But most recently I’ve told her about my jaw pain and told her, I’m like, “I might be crazy, but I think my teeth are moving.” And she’s like, “I’m actually writing a book about this right now. It’s totally common in your early thirties and especially after having a baby for your teeth to move. And we can fix it with Invisalign.” And I’m already noticing a huge difference from my Invisalign even after just three or four months that I’ve had them.

I’ve always had off and on pain in my jaw. It tends to get worse when I’m stressed out. I grind my teeth more when I sleep. I would tend to avoid any really crunchy food, raw vegetables. Eating just a raw apple was challenging. I also would tend to…my jaw would almost lock sometimes. So yeah, it was definitely affecting my diet. But in the just few months that I’ve had it, it’s really helped a lot and has alleviated the pain almost completely. I rarely have any jaw pain, even when I eat chewy foods that used to aggravate my jaw. I don’t have any of that pain anymore. It’s been really great and the entire staff at Green Dentistry has been wonderful. So thank you to all of you.

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