New Day, New Teeth: Dental Implants and Teeth Tomorrow


Years of tooth decay and tooth loss can be almost reversed by dental implants in a matter of months. But depending on the style of dental implants you get, your transition from missing or failing teeth to dental implants and replacement teeth could take a lot less time. With Teeth Tomorrow®, you could start wearing temporary replacement teeth just a day after getting your dental implants. So you won’t have to spend a significant amount of time without teeth while you wait for your permanent restorations. Get to know Teeth Tomorrow and learn how it might help you transition to dental implants.

What Is the Teeth Tomorrow System?

Teeth Tomorrow is a type of “immediate load” dental implants, which are dental implants that are stable enough to bear the loads of dental implants shortly after placement surgery. While you’ll be able to wear replacement teeth immediately, you’ll wear temporary replacement teeth until your permanent restorations are ready. For other styles of dental implants, it usually takes several months before the implants have healed enough to bear the load of dental implants.

It’s important to remember that even though you can get new teeth the day after you get your dental implants, it can still take months of planning before you’re ready to get your implants.

What Makes Teeth Tomorrow a Top Option?

All dental implants require stable jawbone for support. Teeth Tomorrow requires even more stability from the jawbones that dental implants in general. So if you’ve been approved for Teeth Tomorrow, you’ve got an even higher chance of long-term success with dental implants due to the strength of your jawbone.

Beyond jawbone strength, the durability of your replacement teeth is also critical. Instead of implant-supported dentures or acrylic overdentures, Teeth Tomorrow uses a series of premium zirconia bridges for replacement teeth. These bridges are permanent and engineered to last you the rest of your life.

More on Dental Implants in Plainview, NY

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