3 Myths about Baby Teeth Debunked




Baby teeth are often misunderstood by parents, which leads to a lot of myths and misinformation being spread around. Even though your children will eventually lose all of their baby teeth and have their adult teeth replaced them, you still need to stay focused on keeping their baby teeth clean and healthy. We want to set the facts straight in the article below, which is why we are debunking 3 myths about baby teeth below. Remember to reach out to Pediatric Dental Associates, the best pediatric dentist in Westwood, if you have questions about baby teeth or pediatric dental care.




Myth #1 – Baby Teeth Should Only Be Brushed Once Daily

One of the myths that typically get’s spread around about baby teeth is that since they will be replaced by adult teeth in the future, they only need to be brushed once per day. The truth is that you don’t want your kids to develop plaque and other dental health issues on their baby teeth. The best way to avoid those types of issues is to brush twice daily. The goal is to protect the dental enamel of the baby teeth and remove plaque when possible.


Myth #2 – Baby Teeth Aren’t Important

Another misconception that parents oftentimes have about baby teeth is that they aren’t important. Baby teeth are actually crucial for helping your kids eat and get proper nutrition from their food. They are also important for creating the structure of your child’s face and for your baby’s speech development. These are all reasons that highlight just how important taking care of your child’s baby teeth is. If you need help keeping up with your child’s baby teeth, reach out to the best pediatric dentist in Oradell today.


Myth #3 – Babies Can’t Get Cavities

The last myth about baby teeth we are debunking is the idea that baby teeth can’t get cavities. This is simply not true, as any tooth is susceptible to getting a cavity. Infections and cavities can actually lead to problems with the permanent teeth, so make sure you are preventing cavities with regular brushing and by taking your children to Pediatric Dental Associates for regular checkups. Pediatric Dental Associates is the best pediatric dentist in Westwood and we can help you keep your child’s baby teeth healthy until their permanent teeth grow in.

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