Are You a Good Candidate for Dental Veneers?


If you have cosmetic concerns about your smile, dental veneers may be an excellent option for you. These tooth replicas are typically made of porcelain or composite resin and are placed over your natural teeth. They can dramatically transform your smile and correct numerous issues at once, making them a popular treatment option for patients with a wide range of concerns.

But are you a good candidate for dental veneers? Here’s how these cosmetic restorations may be able to help you have the smile of your dreams!

Veneers Can Treat Many Different Cosmetic Concerns

Many patients qualify for dental veneers to address their cosmetic concerns. Patients will need to be free of tooth decay and gum disease prior to the procedure. However, if you have great oral health, you may qualify for dental veneers if you have any of the following cosmetic concerns [1]:

  • Tooth discoloration that’s resistant to teeth whitening
  • Odd shapes or contours in the teeth
  • Minor tooth alignment issues
  • Dental fluorosis (chalky white spots on teeth)
  • Chips and fractures

The best part about dental veneers is that they can treat all of these issues with a singular treatment option, meaning instead of undergoing separate procedures for teeth whitening, dental bonding, braces, or dental crowns, you may be able to simply opt for veneers to improve your smile!

A Predictable Long-Term Treatment Option

For qualified patients, dental veneers are excellent choices for improving the appearance of teeth. They also provide a predictable, long-term treatment, with a 91% success rate after 20 years [2]. While other procedures such as teeth whitening and dental bonding will need to be performed every so often to maintain your appearance, dental veneers allow you to have a bright, uniform smile for longer!

Who Is Not a Candidate for Veneers?

People who suffer from bruxism—also called teeth grinding—may not be good candidates for dental veneers [3]. While porcelain veneers are resistant to chips and cracks, the pressure placed on teeth during bruxism can damage veneers. If you want to get veneers but grind your teeth, you may be able to still get the procedure if you wear a custom mouthguard nightly to protect your teeth.

In addition, dental veneers do require the removal of a small amount of tooth enamel to properly bond the veneers to your natural teeth. If your tooth enamel is compromised, you may not qualify for dental veneers. Your dentist can let you know what your options are during your consultation!

Curious About Dental Veneers?

Could dental veneers be the answer for your dream smile? If you have several concerns about the appearance of your teeth, veneers could be an all-in-one treatment option for you. Find out if you qualify for dental veneers by scheduling an appointment with your experienced cosmetic dentist today!


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